Tell Congress to Stop Harming Children's Health with Wrong-Headed Milk Policies!

A new bill, the School Milk Nutrition Act of 2015, seeks to increase dairy consumption in children by mandating low-fat and non-fat flavored milk for each school meal. In 2012 the USDA National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs removed whole milk, 2% milk, and flavored 1% milk options from school meals, leaving only plain 1% milk and flavored skim milk. But these recommendations are nothing more than a handout to a dairy industry trying to increase its market share at the expense of children’s health.

The bill completely ignores the evidence indicating that whole dairy, as opposed to low-fat or non-fat, is by far the healthier option. Research has shown that consuming whole-fat dairy lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and bowel cancer, and causes less weight gain compared to low-fat and non-fat dairy. The sponsors of this bill are relying on outdated ideas pointing to saturated fat as the enemy despite current research that says otherwise.

Write to your legislators in Congress and urge them NOT to support government handouts to the dairy industry at the expense of our children’s health!

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