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The FDA has been issuing rules to implement the Drug Quality and Security Act to deal with compounding pharmacies. New rules would eliminate “office use” of compounded drugs, where a physician, in his or her office or other treatment area, administers a compounded medicinal preparation directly to a patient for the immediate treatment of a problem. Most state boards have allowed physicians to keep a supply of compounded drugs on hand without prescriptions.

A new amendment from Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)—the Saving Access to Compounded Medications for Special Needs Patients Act—would unambiguously allow office use and preserve the ability of doctors to promptly and effectively treat their patients. The amendment also stipulates that, if a compounded medication is for an individual patient, there is no artificial cap on the amount that a pharmacy can ship interstate—which lifts a huge burden from the shoulders of compounding pharmacies.

Ask your senators to support the Vitter amendment.

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