Tell the American Society for Nutrition to Stop Pandering to the Junk Food Industry!

A new report details how Big Food appears to have captured a key nutrition group, the American Society of Nutrition. The report exposes the ties between the American Society of Nutrition (ASN)—whose membership includes some of the nation’s leading nutrition scientists and researchers—and junk food giants like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Monsanto, McDonald’s, and Mars.

Their annual meeting included numerous panels and seminars sponsored by Big Food, their spokespeople have financial ties to the junk food industry, and they oppose an FDA-proposed policy to include added sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel. Tell ASN to stop pandering to industry and focus on science and nutrition!

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  • John Courtney, Executive Officer, ASN


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Stop Pandering to the Junk Food Industry!

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