Stop the FDA from Overstepping Its Authority--Again!

At a recent Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee meeting, an FDA representative said that nutritional supplements will need to be on a pre-approved list in order to be compounded, and solicited nominations from the public for the “bulk ingredients list.” But nowhere in the legislation does it say that the FDA can ban compounded supplements.

Does this mean that all supplements in need of compounding must all must go through the onerous process of being nominated—and approved—for the FDA’s bulk ingredients list? What happens when the FDA approves one supplement but not another complementary one, so that the first supplement cannot even be used? What’s most troubling about this latest action is that the FDA would end up punishing the most sensitive patients who need custom supplements because their body’s biology or genetics requires it.

Please write to the FDA and ask what legislation gives them the authority to prevent supplements from being compounded.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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What is the FDA's Authority to Regulate Compounded Supplements?

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