Tell the FDA to Give Dying Patients Access to Potentially Life-Saving Treatment!

In May of this year, a patient with glioblastoma (GBM) was denied access to Dr. Burzynski’s potentially life-saving antineoplaston treatment because the FDA judged that “the potential benefits [did not] justify the potential risks of the treatment.” GBM is a highly malignant form of brain cancer and is extremely difficult to treat, while antineoplaston therapy is a natural and effective treatment with a long history of safe use.

The FDA did not actually challenge the fact that the antineoplaston treatment is safe; the agency seems to believe there is no perceived benefit to the treatment, even though the actual effectiveness of the treatment is not in doubt. Why is the FDA denying patients access to a potentially lifesaving treatment when nothing else works? These are exactly the kinds of situations that compassionate use and expanded access were made for—patients with no other options who want access to experimental treatments.

Tell the FDA to allow antineoplaston treatment for terminal patients, both children and adults.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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Please Give Dying Patients Access to Antineoplaston Treatment!

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