California Residents: Tell Your Legislators You're Outraged over SB 277!

California’s vaccine bill to remove all non-medical exemptions for children attending public schools has become law, despite a massive, sustained grassroots campaign against the bill. This is an undeniable setback for parents who—concerned about the health and safety of their children—do not believe the state has the right to decide what goes into their bodies. The bill’s passage also carries the danger of emboldening similar efforts in other state legislatures looking to extend this medical authoritarianism further. 

A number of responses are being explored, such as a referendum, a possible recall of the legislators, and a legal challenge based on the First Amendment right to religious expression.

Please tell your legislators how outraged you are that they passed this bad bill. This will set the stage for future attempts to get the law reversed.

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Passing SB 277 Was a HUGE Mistake!

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