Tell the CDC to Address Concerns about the Safety of Aluminum in Vaccines!

A few years go, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, under public pressure, announced it was phasing out some (but not all) mercury-containing vaccines. At the same time, six more vaccines were added to the CDC schedule—and all of them contained aluminum as an adjuvant. Proponents of this say that the levels of aluminum present in vaccines are safe, presumably because the body can process and excrete the metal.

But ingesting aluminum in food is very different than having it directly injected. This is because anything ingested is sent to the liver for detoxification before being absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas vaccines are injected directly into the blood with no chance for the liver to remove it first.

Aluminum has a long-documented history of neurotoxic effects and is associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study found strong links between the increasing use of aluminum as an adjuvant and the heightened presence of autism spectrum disorders in the US and Europe. Other adjuvants which are just as scary, including formaldehyde, which is listed by the EPA as a “probable carcinogen” and is linked to a host of other negative health effects.

Urge the CDC to address concerns about the safety of aluminum and other adjuvants in vaccines—particularly since they are being injected into our youngest children.

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Please Address Concerns about the Safety of Adjuvants in Vaccines!

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