Tell Your Senators that the Leading Medical Journal in America Is Calling for Mandatory GMO Labeling!

A bill that has already passed in the House and will likely be considered by the Senate in September would let food producers decide whether to label their products that contain genetically engineered or modified ingredients or not. If the “DARK Act,” as labeling advocates call it, passes in the Senate, it would preempt any state laws for the mandatory labeling of foods containing GM ingredients.

The Senate version of the bill would place the labeling scheme under the jurisdiction of the Senate Agricultural Committee, whose chair has received the second highest amount of money from the agricultural services and products sector and is among the top three senators receiving money from the food processing and sales sector.

The New England Journal of Medicine has now recommended that GMO foods be labeled. Tell your senators that consumers that you, like 93% of Americans, support the mandatory labeling of GMOs. Urge them NOT to support the “DARK Act,” which would leave it up to food companies to decide whether to label GMOs.

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