Ask These Doctors to Explain Their DDC Nominations!

The FDA has released a list of nominations to its “Demonstrably Difficult to Compound” (DDC) list, which is supposed to identify drugs that cannot safely be compounded because of their complexity. Included on this list are certain kinds of safe, bioidentical hormones such as progesterone (including progesterone with estradiol), human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), testosterone. If these are banned, drug companies would then have a government-enforced monopoly—even though the pharmaceutical versions or their alternative products are often substandard or even dangerous.

Compounding pharmacists say these are not difficult to compound and are not dangerous. Yet bioidentical hormones were nominated by three doctors. All three of them deal with bioidentical hormones in their practices, and at least two of them prescribe them to their patients. Why then would they feel these are in any way “difficult to compound”? When we contacted both doctors’ offices to ask why they made these nominations, neither office returned our calls. Do they really think they have some special knowledge of how difficult these drugs are to compound, despite their own prescribing history? Or are they now doing the bidding of Big Pharma for some reason?

Write to these doctors and urge them to rescind their nominations to protect patient access to important treatments.

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  • Dr. Carolyn Quist
  • Dr. Wulf Utian
  • Dr. Kenneth Woliner


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