California Residents: Tell Your Legislators to Amend Prop 65!

California’s Proposition 65 was intended to protect consumers via warning labels from chemicals that might cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. It has instead become a money-making industry for a handful of organizations that claim to act in the public interest but instead line their pockets with millions of dollars in settlement funds and attorney fees.

In order to avoid predatory and frivolous lawsuits, businesses have put warning labels on nearly everything, regardless of truly harmful effects. The warnings have become so pervasive and vague that consumers pay them little heed; indeed, there is no statistical evidence of health benefits from Proposition 65.

The time has come to stop the opportunistic lawyers and phony “public interest” groups who file lawsuit after lawsuit and garner millions of dollars for personal gain. Please urge your state legislators to amend Prop 65 and provide meaningful protections to consumers, rather than hand over settlement money to opportunistic trial lawyers.

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Please Amend Proposition 65!

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