Tell the NOSB and the USDA to Protect Organic Foods!

The National Organic Standards Board meets in April and will be making decisions that will, in large part, determine the future of organic foods.

At this meeting the Board will discuss GMO vaccines, which are banned from organic foods—specifically, how to define a GMO vaccine, and the difficulty in identifying GMO from non-GMO vaccines. The NOSB had asked that all vaccines registered to the USDA be identified as either GMO or non-GMO, and this information made available to farmers and certifiers; the USDA argues that the creation of such lists would imply that there is something wrong with GMO vaccines. 

The Board is also discussing “inerts”—synthetic chemicals in pesticides that are considered to be “inactive,” even though, as groups like the Center for Food Safety have shown, many so-called “inerts” are actually toxic and active. Send a message to the NOSB and the USDA, urging these agencies to take concrete steps toward removing GMO vaccines and dangerous “inerts” from organic production, where they do not belong.

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GMO Vaccines and Dangerous "Inerts" Have No Place in Organic Foods!

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