Ask the Florida Dietetics Licensing Board to Change the Law on Nutrition Licensing!

In a free and open society, consumers should be able to see the nutritionist of their choice and decide which credentials they prefer. Yet all around the country, special interests are creating monopolies that unfairly restrict the market for nutrition professionals.

To fight against these monopolies, ANH-USA has sent letters to legislators in Florida and fifteen other states, warning them that their restrictive nutrition boards are violating federal law in the aftermath of recent court rulings.

In these states, the dietetic/nutrition board is often stacked with Registered Dietitians—who then pass laws restricting licensure to RDs only and prohibiting nutritionists who may have superior qualifications and far more experience. We sent letters both to those states’ dietetic boards and to their attorneys general, warning them that their restrictive practices are in violation of federal law and the First Amendment.

Please urge your state legislators to support a free and open market for nutrition professionals.

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Nutrition Counseling in a Truly Open Marketplace

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