Tell the EPA to Limit Big Pharma Drug Levels in Biosolids!

“Biosolids”—a euphemism for human waste—are being used by some farmers as cheap fertilizer, according the New York Times. Biosolids can be riddled with harmful Big Pharma drugs. A new study shows that the animal and human drugs typically found in biosolids may, even at very low levels, interfere with important hormones that help the plant defend itself against predators and diseases. River water, similarly contaminated with pharmaceuticals, has caused male fish to develop female anatomy. At higher concentrations, the study found, even the vegetables themselves are harmed by the drugs in the fertilizer. 

Biosolids are not permitted in organic production, but in conventional farming they fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA. The agency’s regulations only place limits on the amount of heavy metal and certain pathogens that are permitted—they are completely silent on the presence of pharmaceutical drugs. Tell the EPA and urge them to limit the amount of pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products that are permitted in biosolids.

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