Tell the Federal Trade Commission to Reverse Its Dangerous Ruling!

ECM Biofilms developed an additive that, when incorporated into plastic, renders the plastic biodegradable. The Federal Trade Commission recently decided that ECM could not prove to the agency’s satisfaction that the technology actually worked, since it could not definitively say that plastics made with its additive would biodegrade in a landfill in less than five years.

Why five years? According to the FTC, that is what “a minority” (11 to 20%) of consumers expects when they see the word “biodegradable” on a product’s label. The FTC ruled that plastics made with ECM’s technology and labeled “biodegradable” were therefore falsely advertised. This sets an impossible standard: little or nothing biodegrades within five years in a landfill. In effect, then, the FTC is barring “biodegradable” claims outright.

The decision could have far-reaching consequences not just for the plastics industry—particularly for agriculture, which relies heavily on plastics—but also for dietary supplements and other environmentally friendly products. Tell the FTC that their recent ruling on biodegradable plastics sets a very dangerous (and absurd) precedent, and ask them to reverse their ruling. 

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