Tell Government Authorities to Block Monsanto's Power Grab!

Monsanto recently reached a deal with Deere & Co., the world’s largest producer of agricultural machinery, which could dramatically alter the US agricultural market and grant Monsanto a frightening monopoly.

Deere will purchase Monsanto’s Precision Planting equipment, which contains software that reports back to Monsanto on which farmers have planted which crops, and where. Monsanto has similar deals with two other top producers of similar agricultural machinery.

This will give Monsanto unprecedented insight into market yields of any harvest before anyone else, which would let Monsanto manipulate and control the commodities market.

Tell the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Commodities Trading Futures Commission to stop this outrageous expansion of Monsanto’s monopoly. 

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  • Department of Justice
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Commodities Futures Trading Commission


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