Tell Congress to Oppose Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner!

President Obama’s nominee for FDA Commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf, has had well-known and very lucrative dealings with the drug industry. He ran a clinical research center at Duke University that received the majority of its multi-million dollar budget from Pharma. According to financial disclosures from last year, Dr. Califf received money for consulting with at least seven drug and medical device companies, and six other companies supported his university salary including Merck, Novartis, and Eli Lilly. One paper he wrote lists financial support from more than twenty companies. The New York Times notes that “he has deeper ties to the pharmaceutical industry than any FDA commissioner in recent memory.”

The FDA has increasingly been doing the bidding of Big Pharma, since the drug companies pay the agency’s bills and provide lucrative post-government employment opportunities. Califf’s nomination shows that federal officials are dropping all pretenses of picking someone who would actually protect public health or stand up to industry, and are brazenly installing a fox to guard the henhouse.

Tell Congress to OPPOSE the nomination of Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner.

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