Tell Congress to Vote NO on the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Last November, the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal was finally released after many years of closed-door negotiations between officials from the US and eleven other countries. Unfortunately, it contains a number of provisions that threaten current food safety laws—any US law that is more stringent than “international standards” may be considered an “illegal barrier” to trade, and subject to enforcement. The agreement also limits food import inspections at the border “to what is reasonable and necessary,” and if an issue arises, a country must also provide an “opportunity for a review of the decision.”

The trade deal will force signatory countries to accept many of the same patent laws that have kept drug prices so astronomically high in the US, and would extend and broaden certain patent and data protections for the pharmaceutical industry, which Big Pharma can then use to keep prices high and delay competition from generics. 

It’s also a gift to biotech seed companies, which will be given intellectual property protection for all plant species for up to 25 years. The TPP will stop farmers from exchanging seeds—a common and important practice in many developing nations and indeed throughout human history.

The deal has been “fast-tracked”—that is, Congress will be given a fixed period to review the agreement, after which time legislators must make a yes/no vote without the possibility of amending the deal. The final deal now awaits a vote in Congress, which is likely to take place in Spring 2016. 

Write to your members of Congress and urge them to oppose the TPP deal, which undermines consumers and farmers and extends monopoly rights to major industries. 

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