Thank Congress for the New Compounding Provision!

The recently passed Drug Quality and Security Act gave the FDA increased authority over compounding pharmacies, and the agency responded by trying to regulate estriol, other hormones, and hundreds of other vital compounded medications out of existence.

A provision in the omnibus bill that was just passed to fund the government will do much to curtail the FDA’s aggression. The provision covers three key areas: “Office use,” the controversial Memorandum of Understanding that states would be forced to sign, and compounded ingredients on the bulk drug list. The new provision will restore much of the good that compounding pharmacies are able to do with their medicines.

Please thank Congress for this new provision and tell them how much you care about saving estriol, other hormones, and hundreds of other vital compounded medications.

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Thank You for Including the Compounding Provision in the Omnibus Spending Bill

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