Tell the FDA to Allow Alternative Remedies to Fight Antibiotic Resistance!

Antibiotic-resistant illnesses currently kill an estimated 700,000 people a year globally. By 2050, these illnesses are expected to kill 10 million people. Based on recent research, it could be even worse—and coming even sooner.

The FDA has done little or nothing about this. One major source of antibiotic resistance is the misuse and overuse of antibiotic drugs on factory farms, where animals are routinely fed drugs to prevent the spread of disease amidst the squalid conditions that often prevail in CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations).

Tens of thousands of reputable research studies support the use of natural medicines for bacterial infections. It is very difficult, for example—perhaps impossible—for bacteria to become resistant to silver. These studies prove that the addition of natural medicines such as silver to antibiotics makes them far more potent, so that either a smaller dose can be used, or resistance can be overcome. 

Urge the FDA to allow natural remedies such as silver to combat antibiotic resistance!

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Please Allow Alternative Remedies to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

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