Tell the FDA We Won't Stand for Their Hijacking of Stem Cell Therapies!

In the next few months, the FDA will hold a public meeting to discuss its recent actions to clamp down on the use of autologous stem cell treatments. This is when a doctor removes adult stem cells from a patient, processes them, and returns the cells to the same patient. 

Unsurprisingly, the agency is claiming that even if your own stem cells are being used to treat you, if those cells are not directly related to the part of your body being treated, they constitute a drug and in effect can’t be used.

Even if stem cells are intended to treat an ailment or chronic disease that is directly related to the source of the stem cells, they must also meet the government’s absurdly restrictive definition of “minimally manipulated” to avoid being regulated like drugs. If the FDA goes through with its proposals, exciting discoveries that could alleviate the suffering of millions of patients could either be delayed for years, be lost forever, or cost a fortune.

Tell the FDA you won’t stand for the government preventing you from being healed by your own body!

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Stop Trying to Hijack My Own Body's Stem Cells

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