New York Residents: Tell Your Legislators to Allow Vaccine Exemptions!

New York is considering a bill, S6017, that would eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination—despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) cover-up of data linking the MMR vaccine to an increased incidence of autism in African American boys. Another bill, S509A, would add an HPV vaccine mandate for students entering sixth grade.

Data from the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program show that the VICP has awarded almost $3 billion to over 4,000 families who have been harmed by vaccines—even though the window to file a claim is so tight that many families miss it, and the system makes it very difficult to demonstrate a connection between the shot and the ensuing health issue. A law review article published in 2011 found eighty-three cases of autism among those compensated by the VICP for vaccine-induced brain damage. Of those eighty-three cases, thirty-nine of them (47%) confirm autism or an autistic disorder resulting from the shot.

Tell your legislators to vote NO on S6017 and S509A!

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