Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Sen. Roberts' Voluntary GMO Labeling Bill!

Last week, we reported that another voluntary labeling bill in the Senate was in the works, introduced by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS). Last Friday the bill was released, and it has already been scheduled for a mark-up. This means the bill could be considered by the full Senate as early as this Friday.

The speed with which this bill is moving through Congress is a testament to the power of the biotech industry and Big Food lobby, which is desperate to pass voluntary labeling legislation before Vermont’s mandatory labeling law goes into effect. Sen. Roberts’ bill has some minor differences with the House-passed Pompeo bill, but the main points are the same: the bill would preempt mandatory labeling efforts by the states and institute instead a voluntary labeling standard.

Please write your senators and TODAY and ask them to oppose this bill! 

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Please Vote NO on Sen. Roberts' Voluntary GMO Labeling Bill

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