Tell PBS They've Missed the Mark--Again!

After PBS Frontline’s recent attack piece on the dietary supplement industry aired, natural health advocates responded in force. PBS’s ombudsman Michael Getler—who is charged with reviewing criticisms from viewers—was flooded with emails and phone calls critiquing the show’s lack of balance. On February 5, Getler conceded that “greater context should have been provided that made clear that, despite some serious examples of bad outcomes on the program, this is not a public health calamity.”

However, Getler continues to perpetuate the notion that supplements are not regulated. This is completely false, as we’ve reported time and time again. He also does not address the issue of why the show did not disclose the financial ties of those interviewed with Big Pharma.

Please send your message to Mr. Getler and tell him his response is not factual—that the absence of context in the Frontline film is inexcusable, and does not even address the conflicts of interest from its interview subjects. 

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  • PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler


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