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Compounded medicine faces significant threats as the FDA implements the Drug Quality and Security Act--threats that will likely eliminate patient access to important compounded medications. The FDA has placed limitations on office-use, in particular, requiring a patient specific prescription for all drugs compounded. 

Your integrative doctor’s ability to provide many important customized, natural medications—like bioidentical estriol, time-release natural thyroid, special supplements, and nutrient IV vitamin treatments—is being threatened by the FDA. If the FDA gets its way, many natural health medications will no longer be available, and patients will have to wait days for other medications and treatments, which your doctor has traditionally been able to provide during your visit. They’ll also cost more now, too. 

All this can change if we raise enough of an outcry! The Alliance for Natural Health USA is fighting back—and we’re pressuring Congress to pull funding from the FDA until they restore complete access to these important natural medicines.

Help us save your individualized treatments and medications! Send your message right now, then share this Action Alert with friends, family, and social media—we need everyone to take action by April 1st!


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