Tell Congress to Stop Shielding Monsanto and Fix the Chemical Safety Bill!

Last year a chemical safety bill—one drafted by the chemical industry that will do little to protect consumers from the estimated 84,000 chemicals registered for use in the US—passed the Senate unanimously late last year and now must be reconciled with House-passed legislation from earlier in 2015. 

Of special concern is a late addition to the House-passed chemical safety reform bill that protects Monsanto from legal liability for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The added language, referencing federal law concerning PCBs, would enable much-sued Monsanto to get cases dismissed.

Even though the chemical caused environmental contamination and severe health issues like cancer and immune problems, and the EPA banned it in 1979, local communities and school systems are struggling to this day to reduce PCB levels in sewer systems and building materials at great cost. Other groups of individuals with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are suing Monsanto for damages. Congress should not shield Monsanto from its responsibility clean up the mess it helped create. Write to your legislators and urge them to remove the “Monsanto clause” from chemical safety legislation

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Stop Shielding Monsanto! Fix the Chemical Safety Bill

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