Tell Medicare and Medicaid to Bring Back Armour Thyroid!

In 2009, thyroid patients on DTE were thrown for a loop when the two major makers of dessicated thyroid extract (DTE)—Armour and Nature-throid—both experienced mysterious shortages and could not meet demand at the same moment. Many patients spent hours on the phone, calling pharmacy after pharmacy to find a source of DTE. Fortunately, compounding pharmacies were able to fill in, as they can make DTE in any dose, using the same raw materials as Armour and Nature-throid (albeit at a higher price).

Now Medicare has dropped Armour Thyroid in favor of Big Pharma’s synthetic thyroid drugs. The agency somehow concluded that Armour Thyroid posed a higher risk to patients, recommending instead so-called “safer alternatives” that aren’t as effective and are not as safe. This means any physician prescribing Armour to a Medicare patient would put his or her license at risk. Of course, insurance companies tend to follow in Medicare’s wake, if only because they administer Medicare and find it convenient to run one system.

Send a message to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and protest their dropping of Armour Thyroid. 

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