Tell the FDA to Warn the Public about Sugar and Brain Injuries!

New evidence shows that processed sugars prevent the brain’s ability to heal after head trauma. Researchers found that high-fructose corn sugar impaired with the ability of neurons to communicate with each other, rewire connections after injury, record memories, and produce enough energy for the body to perform basic functions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-and-recreation-related concussions occur in the US each year, not to mention all the soldiers with brain injuries returning home from fighting overseas. About 5 million Americans live with ongoing disability from a traumatic brain injury.

Tell the FDA to issue a warning to doctors and parents based on this new research—that fructose endangers the brain, especially in patients who have brain injuries. 

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Tell Doctors and Parents that Fructose Hurts Brain Repair

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