Tell Congress to Protect Your Access to Vitamin B12!

Following recent regulations that tighten federal control over compounding pharmacies, the price of injectable vitamin B12 has skyrocketed.

The rising cost of the methyl form of B12 previously available from compounding pharmacies has in turn given drug companies a green light to start price-gouging on their manufactured B12 (cyanocobalamin). This has led to a 700% price increase for what is actually an inferior product compared to the methyl form.

There is currently an effort in the House of Representatives to withhold funding from the FDA until the agency fixes the problems it has created in the compounding industry, restricting consumer access to natural medicine. Ask your representative to support FY 2017 appropriations language that would withhold funding from the FDA until the agency states how it will allow “office use” of compounded medicines to continue, and how the compounding of supplements will move forward.


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Protect My Access to Vitamin B12

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