Protect Supplement Access in Puerto Rico!

Health officials in Puerto Rico recently issued an administrative order imposing a number of new regulations and fees on island supplement manufacturers and retailers. The new regulatory scheme mirrors much of what is already submitted to the FDA to register supplements, so it is likely that the order is little more than a money grab. If allowed to stand, it could spread to other parts of the US.

This order will likely produce a situation similar to California after the passage of Proposition 65—it will become so burdensome and difficult to do business in Puerto Rico that supplement companies will simply choose to close down their operations on the island. The policy also disproportionately effects smaller companies, which will find it much more difficult to comply with the host of new regulations. Small businesses, then, will be on the losing end—and so will consumers, who will lose access to quality products.

The House recently approved a bill that includes a provision to study the economic impacts of the order—but this isn’t enough. Write to your senators and urge them to support including language in related legislation that strikes this Administrative Order.


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