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The corrupt governmental agency that says it’s “protecting and promoting your health” is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of Americans each year. Join us in calling for a complete overhaul of the US Food and Drug Administration! 

These failures affect the health of all Americans. Good drugs are either not approved or are approved after interminable delays. Even after new drugs are shown to be safe, doctors are not allowed to use them with terminally ill patients whose cases are otherwise hopeless. Instead, the FDA approves a shocking number of extremely dangerous and often addictive drugs—often on the basis of a recommendation by panels whose members include consultants from drug companies that have deliberately suppressed unfavorable scientific drug studies.

Meanwhile the agency has been censoring free speech about the science of natural foods. The FDA is shockingly biased in favor of drugs and against natural health, and will go out of their way to protect Big Pharma’s profits.

We must persuade Congress to address the comprehensive failure of the FDA. Please sign our Reform the FDA Petition!  We must collect such a large number of names on the petition that it compels congressional action. Congress already knows that the FDA has serious problems. This petition will help move them to take the urgent action required.


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Reform the FDA

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