More Safety Tests Before Vaccination is Mandatory!

On July 1st, California’s law eliminating all personal and religious exemptions to vaccinations for children attending public or private school went into effect.  Why did the law change?  A pediatrician and zealous advocate for Merck’s vaccination schedule is behind mandatory vaccination.  Dr. Richard Pan is a California legislator whose biggest donors are HMOs, doctors, insurance companies, and the California Medical Association which ponied up $10k to fight his recall. 

The new law forces every parent in California to get every single vaccination for their kids, whether they like it or not.  The law forces the State and every person in it, to ignore the fact that there is no consensus on the safety of vaccines outside of manufacturers and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Take aluminum, for example. Aluminum has been used in vaccines since the 1930’s to jolt the body’s immune system into action, yet no one knows how it works.  

Knowing the toxicity of aluminum, you would think that rigorous safety testing has been done to prove that injecting aluminum into people, especially children with their developing brains, is safe. You would be wrong. The most-often basis given for claims that it’s safe to inject aluminum is the fact that it’s been used for decades.

New studies provide stunning information about what happens to aluminum after it’s injected into muscle.  In some mice, but not others, it travels to the brain where it can still be detected a year later.  It also travels to the spleen and lymph nodes where it can still be detected at 270 days after vaccination.  This suggests that the adverse effects of vaccination can show up months later, and won’t be detected in blood samples taken at 60 days—as is so often done in clinical trials on safety.  It also shows that the adverse effects of getting vaccinated can result in symptoms not even a trained doctor would connect to the vaccine given months earlier.

Write to your legislators and urge them to demand more safety testing of vaccines and their adjuvants before vaccination is mandatory!


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