No Sewage In Our Food!

Hundreds of thousands of tons of sewage sludge are spread each year on America’s forests and agricultural lands. This is commonly done with great secrecy. If you want to know where it has been dumped, in at least one state, you have to drive to the state capitol and ask for files. You can only view the files; they can’t be photocopied. Somebody is working very hard to prevent the public from knowing which farms or forests contain this sludge

Sewage sludge is just what it sounds like—municipal sewage that has been processed to obtain “clean” water, leaving behind a concentrated sludge full of contaminants. This used to be dumped into the ocean until the practice was banned in 1988 because it was too toxic.

As we’ve reported before, sewage sludge—euphemistically referred to as “biosolids” after it is treated with lime—is often riddled with pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products containing endocrine disruptors that interfere with hormones such as thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone. Contaminants can persist in the soil for decades if not longer.

Write to your governor and state legislature and urge them to stop the use of biosolids on our crops!


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No sewage on our crops

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