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In a recent announcement, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it will back off of its plans to put new rules in place for laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), rules that represented an attempted regulatory takeover of the industry.

This matters enormously for all of us. Medical testing is the future of medicine. New tests already exist to spot cancers long before they manifest themselves otherwise. But these tests are very expensive, and neither Medicare nor insurance companies will pay for them. If they become more widely available, the price will fall. Testing can also help prevent diabetes, heart and blood vessel illness, prostate cancer, and other diseases.

Send a message thanking Congress for their action on LDTs, but also send a message your elected representatives to address the fake olive oil issue.

Many investigations into the olive oil industry have uncovered fraud and deception on a grand scale. A food fraud study spanning thirty years showed that olive oil is the most commonly adulterated food. A 2011 test from the Olive Center found that the five top-selling imported extra-virgin olive oil brands failed to meet trade standards 73% of the time. Other studies have suggested that as much as 69% of imported extra-virgin olive oil may be fraudulent.

Thank Congress for their action on LDTs, and urge them to address fake olive oil.


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