Tell FDA: GMOs Are Not the Same As Conventional Crops

A new study states authoritatively, in scientific terms, that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and conventional crops are different and explains why. This is a critical first step toward making it easier for you to have a choice about whether GM (genetically modified) plants and animals will end up on your dinner table.

For years we've been told with a straight face by regulators that GM food is the same as natural food. But using in-depth genetic analysis, a team of researchers has revealed significant differences in plant metabolism—differences that also translate into nutrient imbalances and loss. For instance, the researchers found that GM corn had less vitamin E than its conventional counterpart.

If scientists can continue to produce data showing that GM plants are NOT substantially equivalent to conventional plants, then this crony capitalist regulatory scheme run by industry may be overturned.

Write to the FDA and tell them to reassess their regulatory scheme for GMOs!


  • Food and Drug Administration


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GMOs are not the same as conventional crops

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