FDA Ignores Congress On Office Use

Recently, the FDA, in direct violation of appropriations language issued by Congress, finalized a guidance that prohibits traditional pharmacies from engaging in office use compounding

Office use is when a physician, in his or her office or other treatment area, administers a compounded medicinal preparation directly to a patient for the immediate treatment of a problem. In these instances, a doctor would need to have a reserve supply of the compounded drugs on hand. This enables doctors to provide immediate relief to patients who come into their office, or to have a ready supply for patients whom they have a long history of treating. It also reduces the cost of the treatment since the medication can be ordered in bulk.

The FDA has ignored our representatives. It is increasingly clear that this agency is not accountable to voters or elected representatives. Write to your member of Congress and tell them that the FDA has ignored their directives, and something must be done.



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FDA has ignored Congress on office use guidance

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