Protect Vaccine Choice in Minnesota

The Minnesota legislature is considering bills which need our support. SF 292/ HF 452 adds a religious belief exemption to vaccination; HF 261 mandates that a COVID-19 vaccine is not required for in-person learning for public school employees and students; SF 1589/HF 1583 prohibits state agencies and local government from requiring vaccines; HF 2511 prohibits government and business from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination; and HF 2159 prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status.

But other bills must be opposed. HF 2134 allows minors to consent to HPV Vaccines without parental knowledge or consent; HF 2625/SF 2553 allows minors to consent to all recommended vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines; SF 2554/HF 2634 eliminates the conscientious belief exemption to vaccination.

Contact your state legislators and tell them to support vaccine choice!  


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