Tell Congress: Change Sugar Labels!

If someone is caught putting cocaine in a child’s snack pack, they go to jail, as it should be. Yet an entire industry has been hiding copious amounts of highly addictive, poisonous sugar in our food. It may sound outlandish, but it’s true: for years, Big Sugar has been actively working to get Americans addicted to sugar, which is more addictive than cocaine—and not just through traditionally sweet items like candy. Now, foods that masquerade as health foods—low-fat yogurt, sports drinks, and many others—are loaded with sugar, and it’s making us drug-addicted and obese. Big Sugar can get away with this in large part because they can obscure the amount of sugar in a product by listing it in grams, rather than a more relatable measurement like teaspoons.

Consider these examples of hidden sugar:

Due to the numerous negative health effects associated with a diet high in sugar, it's time for Congress to stop allowing Big Sugar to hide the sugar content of their food.

Write to Congress and the FDA and tell them to change the way sugar is labeled, from grams to teaspoons.


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