Tell the USDA: Protect the Integrity of "Product of USA" Label

Many of us look for the “Product of USA” sticker on the meat we buy in the supermarket, but we may not be aware that the USDA allows meat raised outside the US to carry that label. It’s a shameful case of government-sanctioned fraud.

Current USDA policy allows foreign meat to be imported to the US and have the “Product of USA" label if it passes through a USDA-inspected plant. The USDA loophole allows foreign multinational corporations to disguise their products and take advantage of the lucrative US market. There’s good reason to believe that that this loophole also violates the federal government’s own policies that prohibit false or misleading labeling.

Polls consistently demonstrate that consumers value transparency, they want to know where their food comes from, and they place a higher premium on meat that is locally produced; domestic ranchers also deserve to compete in a fair and transparent marketplace. This loophole undermines both of these key principles.

Write to Congress and the USDA, telling them to stop this government-sanctioned fraud.


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Please protect the integrity of the "Product of USA" label on meat

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