Will FDA Censor the Cranberry?

The FDA is currently considering a petition from Ocean Spray, the juice company, to allow a qualified health claim that cranberries can reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in healthy women. Denying free speech about the benefits of food and supplements bolsters Big Pharma’s monopoly over medicine—natural products cannot compete on an unlevel playing field.

Ocean Spray’s petition points to several randomized clinical trials (RCTs)—what the FDA considers the “gold standard” of scientific evidence—that support their claim that cranberry products can help with UTIs. Recall that the FTC—most likely at the behest of the FDA—tried to stop POM Wonderful from making claims about its pomegranate juice unless it had two RCTs to back them up. Ocean Spray’s petition indicates three RCTs that support their claim.

Denying legal qualified health claims is yet another way that the federal government protects Big Pharma’s monopoly over medicine and elbows out cheap, safe, and effective natural medicines. If consumers aren’t allowed to learn of the benefits of healthy foods and supplements, these products cannot compete with pharmaceutical drugs—which is just the way the FDA wants it. We can’t let them get away with it. 

Write to the FDA and tell them to grant Ocean Spray's petition for a qualified health claim.


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