Tell the FDA to Stop Censoring Free Speech

A new study on annatto-sourced delta-tocotrienol (one of the compounds contained in vitamin E) has showed incredible results for extending the life of ovarian cancer patients. It is a stunning finding that should be hailed as a major breakthrough, but don’t expect to hear much about it from the crony medical establishment, which does everything it can to prevent you from learning about the benefits of natural products.

The FDA's overt attacks on free speech subvert Americans’ ability to take charge of their health by learning about the established benefits of natural products. This isn’t good for anyone but the drug industry monopoly. 

The FDA’s conduct in this arena is truly shocking. Scientists continue to understand more about the many benefits of natural products, from fish oil to coconut oil, from CoQ10 to vitamin D, but rather than trumpeting these discoveries, the federal government is doing everything in its power to throttle the industry and protect Big Pharma profits. We must stop them.

Write to Congress and the FDA, telling them to stop censoring free speech about supplements!


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Please stop censoring free speech about supplements

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