Tell the FDA to Warn the Public About Daily Aspirin Use

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that those taking a daily aspirin are at increased risk of experiencing severe and potentially fatal internal bleeding.

The study analyzed 13 randomized clinical trials involving 164,225 participants with no history of heart disease. Researchers found that, while the absolute risk of heart attack was decreased by a small amount (0.38%), the increased risk of internal bleeding was larger (almost 0.47%). The study’s author concluded from this data that “there is insufficient evidence to recommend routine aspirin use in the prevention of heart attacks, stroke, and cardiovascular deaths in people without cardiovascular disease.”

There is now sufficient evidence for the FDA to issue a warning to the public about daily aspirin use. Write to the agency, with a copy to Congress, and tell them to issue this warning and protect public health!


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