Censoring Speech and Stealing Nature the FDA Way

The Farm Bill approved by Congress legalized hemp, which is a major step towards ensuring consumer access to affordable CBD oil. Unfortunately, the FDA is still throwing up roadblocks because CBD is now in an FDA-approved drug. It is a perfect case study for why healthcare is so expensive in this country. 

Shortly after the passage of the Farm Bill, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb reiterated the FDA’s position that, regardless of hemp’s legalization, it is still illegal to sell CBD in supplements or food. This is because CBD is the active ingredient in a recently-approved drug for a rare form of epilepsy. The only legal source of CBD, then, is this drug, which costs $32,500 a year. That’s right: an extremely beneficial, natural compound can now only be legally obtained at exorbitant cost.

Recall that CBD is a natural alternative for pain management. We are in the midst of an opioid crisis that is decimating many communities across the country. CBD is a cheap, safe, and natural alternative to these dangerous drugs, but the FDA decides to let Big Pharma have a monopoly on it and jack up the price. It is scandalous.

Unfortunately, this is par for the course in our crony medical system. There are more examples. Natural treatments are often more effective, safer, and far cheaper than synthetic drugs. But the FDA either bars any discussion of them or kicks them out of the healthcare system, thereby creating more drug monopolies.

Write to the FDA and Congress, telling them to grant an exemption for CBD supplements, and to stop censoring free speech about supplements!


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