Support Naturopathic Licensure in Indiana!

Your voice is needed to expand access to naturopathic doctors in Indiana! The state legislature is considering billsl, HB 1633, HB 1657, and SB 515, which set up a licensure program for naturopathic doctors (NDs) that have been educated at accredited, four-year naturopathic medical schools. This would expand consumer options beyond medical doctors to include those who use a more natural approach.

Licensure for naturopathic physicians is a huge step forward for public health in the state, but importantly, it cannot come at the expense of traditional naturopaths - those educated at non-accredited institutions or via apprenticeships. This bill must be amended to allow traditional naturopaths to continue practicing to the extent of their training and ability. ANH believes in the consumer's right to select whatever practitioner - naturopathic doctor or traditional naturopath - that fits his or her needs.

Open and fair markets, in which consumers can decide what credentials and level of education they seek in healthcare professionals, guarantee the best outcomes. Write your state reps and ask them to support HB 1633, HB 1657, and SB 515 with an amendment to reserve a title allowing traditional naturopaths to continue to practice!


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