Tell the FDA that You Oppose The Drug Company Petition To Ban P5P, The Natural And Bio-available Form Of Vitamin B6!

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a petition filed by a pharmaceutical company, Medicure Pharma. The company is requesting a ban on dietary supplements containing pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (P5P), the bio-active and natural form of vitamin B6. 


Last time we checked, FDA’s mission was to protect and advance the public health. So if P5P already exists in nature, we can’t live without it, and has a multiplicity of positive health effects, for example on carpal tunnel, schizophrenia, and cancer, then how does banning P5P further either of the FDA’s goals?

Once again, your voice needs to be heard. Please contact the FDA to let them know you want to stop what really amounts to the theft of P5P from the public domain. Thank you for taking the time—your involvement really does make a difference.


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Petition to Ban P5P is not in the Consumer's Best Interest!

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