Protect Medical Exemptions in California

The California legislature has sent a bill, SB 276, to Governor Newsom's desk. This bill would require physicians or surgeons to submit a standardized vaccine exemption form to the health department, and then the state would either approve or deny the exemption request.

Governor Newsom has reportedly reached a deal with the bill's sponsor, Richard Pan of Sacramento. The deal calls for Governor Newsom to sign SB 276 into law while the legislature passes SB 714, which contains amendments to SB 276. The amendments would give school children grace periods that could last several years on existing medical exemptions; but another change would invalidate any medical exemption from a doctor who has faced disciplinary action by the state medical board--yet another government overreach into the lives of patients.

SB 277 all but eliminated a parent's ability to have a say on the issue of vaccination. Now SB 276 and SB 714 seek to further erode individual liberty by placing the decision to grant medical exemptions in the hands of the government. This march towards forced vaccination is completely unacceptable.

Write to Governor Newsom and your representatives in the California legislature, and urge them to OPPOSE SB 276 and SB 714.


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