Set the Record Straight on Vitamin E

Recently, reports of illnesses and death linked to vaping have been all over the news. Although the exact cause of the lung illness is not known, the FDA is investigating the presence of vitamin E in many vaping products as a possible culprit. This may cause consumers to be concerned, more generally, about the safety of vitamin E, so it is important to do what many media outlets are not and get the facts straight: the “vitamin E” being referred to in the FDA’s investigation is not natural vitamin E, but a synthetic compound possessing  none of the antioxidant properties of real vitamin E. It is crucial that regulators, the media, and the public, not mix this up.

Write to the New York Times and The Washington Post, telling them to get the facts right about vitamin E.


  • The New York Times and The Washington Post


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Set the record straight on vitamin E

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