Protect Affordable IVC!

New information has come to light that poses a threat for continued consumer access to intravenous vitamin C (IVC), a potent, safe, and natural treatment for viral and bacterial infections and some cancers. It is a blatant example of our crony medical system. If we don’t stand up and send a strong message to Congress and the FDA, affordable IVC will be a thing of the past.

This is particularly important given the recent COVID-19 pandemic. China is exploring the efficacy of using IVC to treat coronavirus infections. Vitamin C has been demonstrated to have anti-viral properties; it has also demonstrated efficacy against sepsis and respiratory infections. In addition to making sure there isn't a shortage of IVC, government health authorities should aggressively research the viability of using IVC in the current pandemic.

Write to Congress and the FDA, asking them not to enforce market exclusivity for the FDA-approved IVC product and to research IVC for treating the coronavirus.


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