Stop Organic Fraud

A new rule, put together by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), is urgently needed given widespread fraud that has been reported in the organics industry. The level of deception has reached epidemic proportions: a USDA study found that 40% of all organic food sold in the US tested positive for prohibited pesticides. The rule takes a number of positive steps that, if implemented, will help restore some consumer confidence in the organics industry. 

As we’ve written before, cronyism has marred the organics program from the beginning, with large companies working to water down organic standards to take advantage of the organic label without adhering to the spirit of organic agriculture. This is just one way that cronyism is threatening our health: we’ve also been telling you about the federal government’s censorship of doctors who try to inform the public about natural ways of preventing and treating COVID-19 infection. We must fight back against the many ways in which government cronyism prevents us from using clean, organic foods and inexpensive natural medicines to stay healthy.

Write to Congress and the USDA, urging them to move quickly to enact this important rule.


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