Stop Unnecessary COVID Deaths

The recent death of Herman Cain from COVID illustrates what is happening. Did this 74-year-old man have to die? The answer seems to us to be a resounding no.

The US medical system is ignoring any treatment that is not patentable and therefore cannot provide a multi-billion profit for some giant healthcare company. This was bad enough before COVID. It always had the tragic consequence of unnecessary deaths. But now with COVID it is particularly unconscionable. Did anyone even check Cain’s vitamin D level? Was he given potassium in the hospital? Zinc or quercetin? Intravenous C?  It is barely possible he was given a little potassium, but we doubt even that.

Send a message to President Trump, Congress, and your state government, telling them to reform a healthcare system that not only bars the use, but even the mention, of natural remedies that have not been, and never can be, put through the multi-billion dollar FDA approval process.  


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Stop unnecessary COVID deaths

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