Protect vaccine choice in New York

Many states have laws that allow patients to exempt themselves from vaccinations based on personal, philosophical, or religious beliefs. That way, parents who are wary of government-mandated vaccination schedules can make their own informed decisions about their family’s health. 

The legislature is considering bills that further restrict freedom of choice. A416 allows forced quarantine, vaccination and medical treatment during health emergency or epidemic; S45 mandates flu vaccines for children in child care and school. A822/S937 allows health care practitioners to administer all STD vaccines to minors without parental consent or knowledge; A 2081 adds COVID-19 vaccine to those required for long-term care residents or employees; A 2240/S45 add flu vaccines to the current list of vaccines required for school in New York State and would require flu vaccines for children attending daycare; A 3192/S3041 allows children 14 and older to consent to any vaccine that is recommended by ACIP regardless of parental consent; A279A requires all New York's healthcare providers who administer vaccines to adults 19 or older to report all patients' immunization status to the state-run database. This bill was amended to include an opt-out, but this will benefit only those people who understand the implications of the state owning their healthcare data and vaccine status. S6495/A7829 mandates COVID-19 vaccines for college students. A2081 requires COVID-19 Vaccines for LTC residents/employees.

Other bills need our support: A 4269 (prohibits a mandatory immunization against the coronavirus), A 3250 (prohibits flu vaccine mandates for children in childcare or preschool), A4602 (prohibits mandatory vaccination against coronavirus); and A4269/S4376 (prohibits mandatory vaccination for coronavirus).

We must not lose our freedom to make informed choices about vaccines. Contact your state legislators and tell them to protect vaccine choice! 


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